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Q. What is the general lead time for deliveries of the goods against the purchase orders?

The lead time for our components is 2 to 3 weeks from date of issuing a confirmed PO (but may vary as per the product type, some may be available ex-stock).

Q. With whom should I check the availability/stock at your end for any product?

Our Order management team will give you an accurate estimate of the availability of any component in our inventory. Contact the team at order@elcom-in.com

Q. Which are safety/regulatory approvals are available with Elcom and for which products?

Many of our products have approvals including UL (C, US), CSA, VDE, CE, TUV (varies as per the product types)
Our facility also houses an UL approved lab for testing, optimizing time taken for testing and approval.

Q. Which organizational certifications Elcom is having with?

Elcom International Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.

Q. Whom should we communicate with, in case of any complaints/quality issues?

We have a dedicated team to service customer complaints & quality issues respectively. CLICK THIS LINK (complaints Page) Or Write to them at customercare@elcom-in.com or call +91-231-6618019
For escalations, please write to support@elcom-in.com or call +91-9011374121 and also inform the respective Elcom Sales Representative for your area or fill our Customer complaint form.

Q. Can Elcom customize any product as per our requirements? What is the process in that case?

We have a fully equipped state-of-art design & manufacturing unit that is built to each feature of our component as per your needs.
For details, please get in touch with Elcom sales representative for your area or write to sales@elcom-in.com & techsupport@elcom-in.com

Q. Whom should we communicate with, for our business enquiries?

Our sales team can be contacted on sales@elcom-in.com & elcom.mail@elcom-in.com
The designated sales representatives will contact you for a more detailed discussion of the scope of the order and commercials.

Q. With whom should I check for the receipts against the payments I/we have done to Elcom?

Please write to accounts@elcom-in.com, order@elcom-in.com with copy to your assigned regional sales representative. For further queries you can co-ordinate with our customer support representative @ +91-231-6618009

Q. What is the procedure for invoice return, i.e. if I want to return the material?

Please write to customercare@elcom-in.com with copy to support@elcom-in.com & your regional sales representative.

Q. Whom should we communicate with for technical queries about the product?

Kindly get in touch with our technical support team @ +91-231-6618007. You may write to techsupport@elcom-in.com

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