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Q. My surge protector is not working? What do I do?

Switch off and unplug the power strip. Please remove the fuse using a proper tool like an electric tester. Now check if the fuse element has burned out or is still present. Replace the fuse if it has burned out with a fresh new fuse from your local market. If you are still facing problems after these steps please email us at customercare@elcom-in.com we will get back to you.

Q. What is the warranty on the device?

We give one year standard warranty from the date of bill of purchase.

Q. How do I claim the warranty?

Please see the warranty page Warranty can only be claimed if the basis of your claim is validated by the terms and conditions of the warranty. If so, please email us at customecare@elcom-in.com along with a photo of your product Our customer care team will get back to you within 2 working days.

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