Value Engineering.


Value Engineering.


Value Engineering.

As Elcom continues to rise into the future, our legacy of excellence and experience fuels the flight. We promote a culture of collaboration, freedom and innovation. While we continue to focus on design & manufacturing excellence, our people are also engaged with multiple CSR activities, cultural events and talent showcases that add more vibrancy to our workplace atmosphere.

At Elcom we follow a open door culture. We believe a transparent culture makes a business successful and that’s precisely is what has worked for us in the past. Our core values of openness, equal respect for employees and clients, integrity, taking ownership for one’s work and a collaborative approach form Elcom’s base.

Across the year we celebrate many festivals and conduct numerous team building activities. This keeps the warmth at our office kindled. We believe in giving back to the world. That’s why, we undertake many CSR activities including blood donation camps and tree plantation initiatives.

Why Work With Elcom?

The ability to transform ideas into innovative industrial products is a key attribute of Team Elcom. We hire diverse professionals from different geographies, cultures, academic backgrounds and industry clusters – all of which blends perfectly with our culture, transforming individuals into professionals.


Implement your knowledge , practically


The learning curve is fast and dynamic


End-to-end involvement of each individual from concept to delivery


Get better exposure to the industry (national and international) and equivalent amount of access to technology

Diverse Skills

Work with various people with diverse skill sets and experiences


Open culture gains you direct access to the management team

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