Value Engineering.
Product Design.

At Elcom, we provide end-to-end customized design and engineering solutions to fulfill specific requirements all across the globe. Spell the idea, share your requirement and we make the product for you in optimal time. We ensure that these products follow world-class standards. Our team of experts pay diligent attention to choosing the right material, manufacturing quality products, testing and ensuring cost effectiveness. What’s more, all our products – standard or customized adhere to global quality norms.

Our strategic processes makes ‘Making with Elcom’ a delightful experience for you.


Why should you make with Elcom?

  1. We provide value engineering services
  2. We specialize in strong R&D
  3. A diverse team of experienced embedded design engineers work on your products
  4. We strive to deliver a high quality, ‘finished’ product
  5. Our team is perpetually innovating and has won numerous awards for its remarkable contribution to the industry

Design with Elcom

At Elcom, we provide two solutions - Product Design and detailed Engineering Design using the latest software solutions. To follow the correct design process, we have a 3-step process, we initiate with all our customer.

Stage 1

Ethnographic Research & Design Research

Study the user and understand his thinking process. Observe how he uses the product and understand the user experience. Generate insights and design directions.

Stage 2

Ideation & Conceptualization

Generate ideas and concepts from insights and directions which have been obtained from the research done in stage one.

Stage 3

Concept Detailing, Prototyping & Final Design

Create detailed 3D CAD concepts and high quality renders. Create final prototypes. Validate the final design with the help of target users. Our designs are lean to manufacture and has sound engineering.

Manufacture With Elcom

Elcom has proved to be India's top manufacturer in the EM&E segment and now are an embodiment of 'Make in India', having proven to be delivering high quality electrical components over the past three decades, for large OEMs across. Carrying this experience and expert knowledge forward,we now have manufacturing setups across four businesses. Most of the important components and parts used in our products are manufactured in house to ensure high quality.

Elcom follows a very customer-friendly process for manufacturing.Understanding your specific requirement, undertaking an intrinsic R&D on the same is Elcom's first secret to creating a successful product. To meet your expectations flawlessly, we involve our client at every stage,from product ideation to releasing the pilot product. We follow global manufacturing standardsand have numerous international certifications to our name.

Click here to know more details regarding our manufacturing process. For information on the certifications Elcom has, click here.

Are you looking for customized solutions and EM&E products and components that abide by the industrial standards? Make with Elcom for the finest engineering-design experience. Get in touch with us here.

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