Elcom Spike Guard
Safety, Quality, Reliability.

Elcom introduces a quality consumer product – a secure and reliable ‘spike guard’/’Surge protector’ in India which is designed with 3 levels of protection against power surges. A power surge or a spike in the current, can mainly occur due to lightning during thunderstorms, faulty wiring or switching of large appliances and it can damage your home and appliances. To ensure your safety, Elcom’s surge protector gives three fold protection layer against such surges.

The spike guard, also known as surge protector or power strip, is designed and manufactured in-house. As it is made in India by our experts, it adheres to very quality of materials and components used inside.

All the components used in the product, right from the EMI / RFI filter, precision brass contacts, switches and industry grade plastic moulding are made at Elcom with the highest quality assurance, guaranteeing safety to your household.

Why Trust Elcom?

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How is Elcom Spike Guard safe?

Surge Suppressor

The Metal oxide Varistor (MOV) inside the device primarily acts as a surge suppressor. It helps to protect your device from sudden increase in voltage and avoids any damage to your device.


Due to electromagnetic interference the quality of input current to the devices deteriorates. This can affect the connected device in use adversely. Elcom’s Spike Guard comes with a high grade EMI RFI filter which is designed and manufactured in house and is installed to eliminate all unwanted frequencies and allows only a smooth 50 Hz frequency to your devices.


In case of abnormal condition like excessive current, heat could be generated within the connected devices causing fire. If fuse is connected during such cases, it acts as a safety device by burning its element, thus avoiding excess current and protecting your device.

4 Sockets with Individual Switches

4 Sockets with 1 Master Switch

6 Sockets with Individual Switches

6 Sockets with 1 Master Switch

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