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Manufacturing and designing solar components and products is Elcom's latest additions to its repertoire. With the aim to contribute to a greener economy and to innovate and make sustainable energy available, Elcom turned into a professional manufacturer of Solar Components in the year 2013 thus becoming, India’s first manufacturer of solar components.Since its conception, Elcom has established itself at the forefront of designing & manufacturing high grade solar components which include PV connectors, module junction boxes and PV combiner box wire harness. These are widely used in all kinds of solar power applications. Elcom has a ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility and these products have been certified by TUV as per IEC standards. Elcom solar components are customized, efficient and durable like none before and all come with a 25 year guarantee of performance. In the near future, Elcom with its most reliable R&D and manufacturing team aims to launch a variety of innovative solar products. Let's join hands and become the pioneers in the solar components and products business.

Solar PV Connectors

Elcom is working on enhancing India’s usage of solar energy. We are India’s 1st manufacturer of Solar PV Connectors. The solar connectors made at Elcom are quick and easy to use and also guarantee safety.

Take a look at the key features of this component:

Solar PV Branch Connectors

Solar PV branch connectors allow parallel connection of the solar modules. Elcom offers 2 configurations under branch connectors as 2-Way & 3-Way branch connectors.

Some prominent key features of this product are:

Solar Junction Box

Solar Junction boxes are installed by PV manufacturers on to the back of every PV module and serve as a connection between the conductor ribbons on the panel and the direct current (DC) input and output cables.

Salient features of Elcom Solar Junction box:

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