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Q. What is Elcom iPDU?

The Elcom iPDU is an intelligent rack Power Distribution Unit (iPDU) which distributes electrical power & allows users to monitor electrical parameters such as Voltage, Current, Energy consumptions etc. and also environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity.

Q. In what form factors can I get the Elcom iPDU?

The Elcom iPDUs supports two form factors: Horizontal rack mount – 1U, 2U models Vertical mount – Zero U models

Q. What Protocols are supported by Elcom iPDU?

Our iPDU’s are compatible with various protocols, namely: Http, SNMP v1, MODBUS TCP/IP.

Q. How would you classify the Elcom iPDU range?

Elcom iPDUs are broadly classified into four major categories:
a. Aggregate Metered iPDU
b. Aggregate Metered Individual Switched iPDU
c. Individual Metered iPDU
d. Individual Metered Individual Switched iPDU

Q. Are Elcom iPDUs available in different RAL colour ?

Yes , our IPDUs are available in RAL 7035 & RAL 9005

Q. Do Elcom iPDUs include the rack mount kit or is there an extra charge for this option?

The Elcom iPDUs come with a complete ready-to-install rack mount kit.

Q. Does Elcom iPDU support environmental monitoring? If yes, what parameters do they track?

Elcom iPDUs support environmental monitoring for temperature & humidity through temperature-humidity sensors that are designed and manufactured in-house.

Q. What type of user interface is supported by Elcom iPDUs?

Elcom iPDU provides two types of UI
1. Web based: We can access the UI pages through any standard web browsers like IE, Google Crome, Mozilla, etc
2. SNMP Based: We can access the iPDU parameters through MIB browsers.

Q. What does the 7 segment display at the front panel show?

Display shows the aggregate/total current drawn by the connected loads. Details of this are given in the installation Kit that comes with our iPDU

Q. If any problem occurs to one of the PDU how do they identify the particular PDU?

Our PDU’s are designed to raise alarms through various sources: LED on the front display panel, MCB tripping, Source Failure & SNMP traps.

Q. Is the iPDU compatible to integrate with BMS/SCADA systems?

Yes our IPDU’s are able to integrate BMS / SCADA systems over the MODBUS TCP/IP protocol platform.

Q. Does the Elcom iPDU support firmware upgradation remotely?

Yes, Firmware upgradation is possible remotely.
An easy to use portal to control every aspect of your iPDU is provided at the time of installation.

Q. What do the 3 LEDs (Red, green & orange) on front panel of iPDU represent?

RED - Total Current Overloads, Orange LED – Total current Near overload/low load, Green LED - Total current is in Normal working condition.

Q. What if I forget password for HTTP Web interface?

We can make a default password (blank), Hold the IP address switch continuously for 30 seconds & then press the reset switch to restart the iPDU to get the new / old IP address.

Q. How can I set the load warning thresholds to the iPDU?

A simple HTTP website interface is built for you to access real time statistics and help manage load warning threshholds remotely.

Q. How can I apply a static IP address to the iPDU?

You will have to select the manual option in the network settings of the web based user interface for applying a static IP address.

Q. Does Elcom iPDU support SNMP TRAPs, SETs and GETs?

Yes, our power distribution units are fit to support SNMP v1

Q. What do the LEDs near each outlet of an individual switched iPDU represent?

It indicates the power ON/OFF status of individual outlet of iPDU.

Q. What is the max. rating of our iPDU?

Our products come with 4 different ratings : 1ph, 100A or 3ph, 100A.

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