The growing demand for preventive measures and reduced maintenance of electronic equipment is driving the RFI/EMI Filters market in India
As the demand for preventive measures and reduced maintenance of electronic equipment is growing, the electrical and electronic components industry is witnessing fast adoption of EMI/RFI Filters in office equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, UPS, and other automation equipment, etc. Such a trend, in turn, is fuelling the growth of the passive components market, such as RFI/EMI filters. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters are passive electronic devices that are used to suppress conducted interference, found in a signal of power line. Major players in this market are focusing on increasing their product offerings by introducing new products with innovative features. Elcom, a market leading manufacturer in India, offers power line filters with a number of variants viz. panel mounting filter, chassis mounting filter, PCB mounting Filter, DIN- rail mounting Filter, all packaged in metal case or plastic case. Elcom’s filters are equipped with surge suppressors and power cords. The major applications encompass a wide range of markets such as Electronic Data Processing/office automation, drives & controls applications in Process automation, Elevators & cranes, Consumer goods, Medical, Building automation, Power & energy, Telecom & Datacom, and Machinery, and also filters for DC applications, etc. Elcom manufactures AC Three Phase Four Wire Filter – Screw Terminal, EP 355 Screw Series. This is the standard models of EP 355 screw series filter, which is available for current rating starting from 3A to 250A. For models with current rating 3A to 40A, inbuilt surge suppressor are also available. Filter with current rating 3A to 40A are mostly required in Office equipment, medical equipment, general purpose four wire filtering and applications with tight space conditions. Input and output connections are done by screw lead type M4 terminals (Torque: maximum 6 Kg-cm). AC Three Phase Four Wire Filter with current rating 50A to 250A are mostly required in general purpose four wire filtering, mainframe computer systems, UPS, high power office equipment and installations comprising automation equipment. Highlights of company strengths Elcom has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and R&D to provide its customers with standard and customized RFI / EMI Filters. Our in-house engineering team is capable of offering customised products as per the demand from market. Our product guarantee quality and value for money, strongly supported by industry credentials such as CE/CSA certification and performance testimonies from market leaders. The only company in India providing facility to the customers for testing/auditing the parameters of the products in our state of the art testing lab in Kolhapur. Elcom is capable of offering both standard and customised EMI/RFI Filters. Elcom has successfully done customisation for a number of prominent customers in the market. Elcom’s constant endeavor to strengthen its product portfolio makes the core of its mission and vision. Elcom’s filters stand for quality and performance, backed by industry credentials. Elcom has received certificate of compliance from CSA for performance and safety parameters in both single phase and three phase categories. The filters’ superiority is already supported and validated by CE Marking, RoHS compliance, and MIL-461-E standard, which makes the product strongly competitive for serving the electronic appliance market and thereby creating unparalleled customer value.

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