Why Elcom Spike guard is the best Spike guard in India!
There are more than 50 various spike guard brands available in India. Then why should you trust or buy Elcom Spike Guard? The answer to the above question is very simple. There are mainly four types of brands selling spike guards in India. First, the american brands are selling decent quality products but at a high price and these products are actually made in china. Then secondly, there are the cheap chinese products which are sold in the market for a fraction of our price, but are very unreliable and get spoilt easily. No one should ever buy these products as they can provide a great risk to your health and the health of the electronics connected onto them. Then, third there are the local smaller Indian brands selling spike guards, but again they do not always have great quality plastic or high quality components required for a product to last for a long time. All these brands are worried about how to reduce the prices of their products to compete with the cheap chinese products but it affects their quality. Fourthly, there are the large Indian brands selling fair quality products, but these products are actually just rebranded chinese or local indian products and have the same low to medium level quality. Try putting in an American or thin two-pin charger into them, they will not fit properly or with a tight grip. If you see their ratings on amazon, it will tell you a story. So please choose wisely and don’t just go on a big brand name. The elcom brand has been making components for more than three decades now and power distribution products for two decades. Our Smart Power Distribution units are used across the world and many data centres who need zero downtime in their electrical input, rely on us. Plus, the switches used, the connecting brass contacts used and the filter used are made in-house. No company in the world has the R&D and infrastructure to make these components in-house as they are product companies; but we are an old component company and thus we use our own components. Also, the plastic used is very high quality industry grade and is again manufactured inhouse in our factory at Kagal MIDC, Kolhapur. With our in-house assembly the product is ready to to ship to users. A lot of care and R&D has gone into making this very simple product called Elcom Spike Guard, and if you use it once due to its sheer quality we guarantee you will not use any other surge protector again! Our product is available online: Amazon: http://goo.gl/Lbo7rg Flipkart: http://goo.gl/N2A10t Snapdeal: https://goo.gl/ht2FSs

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