Wire Harness – a central nervous system of any Electrical System

Wire harnesses are compactly bundled wires & circuits that function as the central nervous system of any Electrical System. Wire harness makes a critical component for a wide range of applications, including medical equipment, Industrial control panels, consumer appliances, and solar applications, etc. Generally, the Wire Harnessing offering includes cable sizes ranging between 0.08~185 sq mm and applies best practices using automated & semi-automated Cutting-Stripping-Crimping Machines.

As most of the infrastructure moves to the cloud, data centres built on a reliable IEC connector, such as Elcom, can utilize the wiring harness facility for faster processing and reduce the complexity while maximizing efficiency and reliability.

Wire harness finds its application from small, yet complex and flexible medical equipment to wide electronic equipment and appliances. The key success factor in this line of business lies in designing and following a world-class best practice.

Wire Harnessing capability is built upon an integrated approach towards design, development, prototyping, validation throughout the entire development period. Its characterised by both standardisation and at the same time having enough room for customisation and manufacturing flexibility in line with the specific requirement of the customer.

Controlled flow of activities
• A variety of Wire Harness production should be carried out at one go with full control on the flow of activities.

Check for every parameter
• The thrust should be given on avoiding any kind of mixing of two different Wire Harness projects.
• Even for identical harnesses, with same wires, with same colours and same terminals.

• Wires are identified from the moment it's cut, stripped and terminated.
• The bundles are labelled, and made sure the areas where the wires are placed are clearly identified by part number, so there’s no possibility of mix-ups.

Bring Efficiency in the process
• Minimize work in process as much as possible, and try to make-to-order as best you can.
• In W/H drawings, case colour coding is mentioned in the drawings to match the colour of the wire, to avoid mistakes and save time.

Ensuring quality throughout
• Assembled harnesses is placed on pin boards, and each harness must pass functionality, and other customer-specific testing.
• On introducing new terminal, Crimp quality is tracked with Crimp-force monitoring.
• Crimping presses are configured so that if a bad crimp is detected, the machines either destroy the part or lock up, preventing the defective part from entering production.
• Each terminal crimper & anvil should be tracked by routinely taking cross-sections of crimped connections with Conductive Cable, after every 1,00,000 pieces.
• This test should be done to ensure that press dies have been set up correctly

Elcom being a pioneer in the electronics components and Electromechanical solutions in India, have its own in-house design, manufacturing set-up of Wiring Harness, Power Cable Assemblies, IEC connector, Solar Connector & Solar wire Harness assemblies. Harness facility is UL approved under ZPFW2 category.

Elcom is further investing in developing an end-to-end Automated wire harness processing like cutting, stripping, crimping & testing unit. Elcom maintains safety standards norms by optimizing production process & avoid hazardous substances at every stage of manufacturing. The continuous focus on high quality products and processes enables ELCOM to provide the best possible connections to its esteemed customers. Our manufacturing system is well equipped to assure that our customers can expect the best-in-class customised solutions and hence high degree of performance and reliability. \

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