ME-2 & 3 Slash PF-8 (Non Approved Series)

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Electrical Characteristics
Sr. No. Parameters Specification
1 Connector Type Solenoid Connector Style A, Square Type
2 V/A Rating 10 A 250 VAC
3 Contact Resistance (Initial) 15 m ohms max.
4 Insulation Resistance At 100 V DC 100 M ohms min.
5 H.V.Break Down Test (For 1-Minute) 2 KVAC
6 Connector Mounting Screw Mounting
7 Terminals Solder Type
8 Permissible Temp. With/Without Load -0°C to 90°C
Sr. No. Parameters Specification
1 Body Nylon-6 GF (Black)
2 Rubber Gasket Nitrile
3 Terminals / Contacts Brass, Tin Plated
4 Mounting Screw M.S, Zinc Plating With Yellow passivation
Reference Standards
Sr. No. Parameters Specification
1 Reference Standard DIN-43650, ISO 4400, EN-175301-803

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