Elcom’s persistent commitment to quality, performance, safety and leadership

We at Elcom, assure strict adherence to the international regulatory compliances. Our company and manufacturing unit has acquired and maintained various approval standards, regulations and certifications thus making our products acceptable and highly reliable across the world. Our well-equipped and certified testing laboratories demonstrate Elcom’s persistent commitment to quality, performance, safety and leadership in the technology sphere. Our engineers have extensive experience with working for various regulatory compliance requirements mentioned below. All of them adhere to various countries but are acceptable globally.


Underwriters Laboratories
(UL), U.S.A

Certification of products for compliance with safety and environmental standards

Various products like 60320 Appliance Inlets Outlets, NEMA WD6
Receptacles and Plugs made at Elcom have this certification

We got our UL certification in 2003 for IEC-60320 C-13 Outlets/Inlets

A UL approved testing lab at our manufacturing unit in Kolhapur, guarantees
consistency in our process

Verband der Elektrotechnik
(VDE), Germany

Certification of products for compliance with the highest safety standards, promotion of optimal engineering curriculum and to encourage a broader public acceptance of new technologies

Various products like IEC – 60320 C-13 Appliance Inlets Outlets, DIN Connectors, etc. have gained this certification 12 years ago

TUV, Rheinland,

Certification of products for compliance with IEC and EN standards for areas like heavy industrial appliances, manufacturing plants, electronic products, motor vehicles as well as consumer goods

Our Solar Connectors are TUV certified

Canadian Standards
Association (CSA),

The CSA registered mark shows that a product has been independently tested and certified to meet recognized standards for safety or performance

Enables Elcom to export products to Canada

Our Nema receptacles series is tested and certified for CSA

ISO 9001, India

The ISO 9001 is an international certification that indicates excellent and approved quality of the manufacturing process followed in our facility

Elcom is one of the initial 100 companies in India to get certified for ISO in 1996.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS),

Restriction of hazardous substances (ROHS) enables us to export to the European market

Elcom’s UL and VDE certified IEC connectors, NEMA receptacles comply with ROHS norms. Even other product categories can be manufactured complying with ROHS on request

We have variety of products which are in compliance to CE marking which can be accepted to european market.

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ISO & OHSAS Certifications
Prevailing In The Manufacturing
Supply Chain

Elcom International has taken an endeavor to implement following systems in its Kolhapur based manufacturing...


Disposal of product/packaging should always comply with environmental protection and waste disposal legislation and any regional local authority requirement. Dispose through supplier/vendor who has recycling program for product end of life. Waste should be recycled. Incineration or landfill should only be considered in case of recycling is not feasible.