A fuse holder is a housing enclosure, mounted in the equipment and is designed to hold the fuse. A fuse that is simple to remove or easy to install indicates shorter downtime and safer replacement leading to cost-cutting. Fuse Holders are used for Power Supplies, Stabilizers, UPS, Solar Lanterns, Water Purifiers, Power Controllers, Bedside Monitor, Defibrillators, E-bikes. Fuse holders can hold both North American and international sized fuses. Elcom offers a wide range of fuse holders and variants to handle circuit protection, as per the industry requirement, with the flexibility to incorporate fuse holders into a circuit in various ways. A suitable pairing of fuse and fuse holder is ensured at design stage itself. The major design considerations include:
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  • Appropriate fuse size
  • Load ratings
  • The large inrush current to the equipment at start-up
  • The duration of overload current to be sustained by the equipment
  • The strength of overload current to physically destroy the fuse
  • Thermal considerations
    • – Power dissipation of the fuse link
    • – Ratings of the fuse holder
    • – Ambient temperatures inside and outside equipment
    • – Electrical load changes
    • – Long operation times
    • – Ventilation, cooling, and heat dissipation
    • – Wire lengths and sizes

Quality and Approvals


  • Multi-pole configurations
  • 6.3 A to 30 amperes of rated current.
  • Dielectric voltage exceeds 1500 volts (1 minute).
  • Mounting: Withstands 15 lb./inch mounting torque. Maximum panel thickness is 3 mm.
  • Molded Parts: Black Thermoplastic (UL 94 V-0 or UL 94 V-2) on request.
  • Knob: Bayonet style or screw type
  • Terminals: Copper & copper alloy. Tin plated.
  • Ambient Temperature: –20°C to +85°C.
  • Hardware: Neoprene washer, lock washer & hex nut unassembled.
  • Choice of local fuse indication; viewing window
  • IP20 finger-safe construction with lock-out/tag-out feature.



Removable fuse carrier allows fuse replacement away from base while maintaining finger-safe rating.


Meets a wide variety of fuse holders


No tools required for insertion or removal of fuses


Finger safe design


  • Reliable and inexpensive
  • Improved electrical safety
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of the equipment and devices

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