Power Entry Components are connectors and sockets that are used for connecting electrically operated devices to the power supply. While reliability and safety have become the norm in any electrical system, Elcom’s Power Entry Connectors, Inlet and Outlet, have been engineered and designed to create world-class customer value, by reducing the time and complexity of product assembly. Our dedicated R&D team ensures new product development to satisfy the diverse needs of the consumers. Power Entry Components can be used in Power Supplies, UPS, Inverters, Electronic Equipments, E-bikes, etc.
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Elcom International is the pioneer in the product category and offers best-in-class power entry components. The components are manufactured to meet the safety specifications and standards of European and North American countries, such as IEC, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Quality & Safety Approvals

  • Meeting the International standards, UL-498, IEC-60320-3, CSA-C22.2
  • CE/RoHS/REACH compliant products


  • The components are available with a variety of combinations and two mounting styles.
    • Snap-in
    • Screw mount
    • V Lock
    • P Lock
    • Various terminal types
    • Printed Circuit Board Mounted
  • AC Power Inlet :
    • Current ratings for the C14 power inlet are normally 10A (IEC) and 15A (UL) for international applications.
  • Higher operating temp, can sustain -40 to +125°, hecne suitable for various climatic conditions
  • UL-94 V-2/V-0 flammability rating available
  • Higher Retention Force
  • Available in various colors
  • Suitable for Fast-on or Soldering terminations
  • Can suit for 4.8, 6.3mm tabs or PCB mount/soldering
  • Various panel thicknesses available



With various grades and multiple colours, as per the application requirement, such as

  • Server
  • Angled
  • International
  • Splitters


Elcom make power entry components meet the requirements of the UL, CSA, and VDE approval agencies.

  • Hence, customer spends shorter time in the process of acquiring approvals on equipment
  • Additional testing of components can be avoided.


Interchangeability of mating parts of other make


No arcing and lesser power loss


Risk of fire hazards eliminated


Improved product aesthetics due to colored products, helping in identification


Fits on enclosures of different thickness, hence can be used for enclosures in Plastic/metal


Better Shelf life enables the customer to stack large quantity for longer time


Non Hazardous and Environment Friendly


  • User safety
    • The risk of accidents is minimised by using power entry components, as the interlocking of the power entry connector reduces the probability of accidental shock.
  • Save Panel Space
    • Panel space required is minimum, as the power entry components are combined into one panel mounting system.
    • Elcom components being smaller in size reduces the mounting hole size, thus saving valuable space on the mounting surface
  • Cost Saving in Assembly Labor
    • The reduced handling of components would reduce the installation labor costs.

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