We Design, develop and manufacture high quality products

Elcom International has evolved since 1981 as reputed manufacturer with a strong design team and in-house manufacturing infrastructure. The whole value creation mechanism revolves around a carefully designed process and infrastructure to meet the customer’s requirement efficiently and effectively.

In keeping pace with the advancements in global markets, Elcom has enhanced its R&D and manufacturing capabilities with capital investment as required to deliver the design solutions & manufactured products at a much higher speed that too, without compromising the quality of the product.

Elcom’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at 5-Star Kagal MIDC area in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India is equipped with world-class research, development and manufacturing capabilities. This campus is equipped with an ultra-modern test lab complying with the norms of international standards, having its own design and development centre and manufacturing facilities. These include a Tool Room Department, Plastic Injection Moulding Department, Metal Stamping Department, Electroplating Department, and Assembly Lines that enable us to deliver quality products in limited timeframe. In an effort to reach higher levels of efficiency, our new factory is having a dedicated production line for each vertical to ensure timely delivery of products of the highest standards.

The key highlights
of the facility


Its R&D facility is recognized by DSIR


The factory is in compliance with Integrated Management Systems (IMS) certifications including

-ISO – 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
-ISO -14001:2015 – Environmental Management system
– OHSAS 18001:2007 – Health & Safety Management System


The number of international certifications and
performance testimonies
from market leaders is evidence of our capabilities and customer satisfaction.


We offer facilities to the customers to test/audit the parameters of the products in our testing lab in Kolhapur. Having added new Climatic Test and Vibration Test Setups, the in-house product testing and reliability lab (UL accredited) facilitates internal product testing and customer inspection


Its safety lab has been approved for the ‘WTDP (Witness Test
Data Programme)’
for various products by Underwriter’s Laboratory

-It helps reduce the cycle time for safety approvals.


The company’s electronics design lab is well equipped with power analysers, digital oscilloscopes, power sources, digital multimeters, data loggers, etc .


The facility is well equipped with modern equipments like Fanuc All Electric Injection moulding machines of capacity ranging from 50 to 150 Tonne and even upto 200 Tonne of other world renowned brands. It enables to produce high precision moulded parts of consistent quality


The company has an in-house tool room to manufacture moulds, progressive tools, etc.

-It enables us to provide prototypes to customers quickly.


Elcom is approved for UL/cUL (ZPFW2) process for wire harness manufacturing and caters to all the customized wire harness requirements for solar project of any size.

Machineries / Processes / Best Practices

The process and infrastructure have been designed to ensure seamless operation, encompassing following sections



Elcom has a full-fledged test laboratory for the testing of electromechanical and power electronic components which is assessed by UL under WTDP program. Various tests like High voltage, Insulation resistance test, contact resistance test, Glow wire test, Insertion & withdrawal force, Thermal cycle test, Temperature rise test, Damp heat, Cold test, Vibration test, endurance test, Breaking capacity, Normal operation, Salt spray test etc. are carried out by expert test engineers here. Multiple critical tests for regulatory approvals like TUV, VDE, ENEC, UL, CSA, CE etc. can be conducted. It is well equipped with a number of critical testing infrastructure including power Meters, LCR meters, Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Oscilloscopes, Power Sources, Digital Multimeters, Data Loggers, Glow wire tester, Vibration shaker, Withdrawal force measurement fixture as per IEC standard, salt spray tester etc.


Research &
Development (R&D)

It is with the engineering team of Elcom where ideas start coming to life under the efforts of seasoned professionals who relentlessly strive to excel in product design, development and innovation. Elcom’s Research and Development department is recognised by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research). It houses experienced talent whose expertise lies in designing IP-based Smart PDUs for Data Centres, electronics components & wire harness solutions, and solar products. Our team is well versed with designing products of international standards and qualifying them for international certifications like UL, VDE, CSA, CE and more.


Tool Room

Elcom has a state-of-the-art tool room with EDM wire-cut, EDM spark, CNC millings and others. This contributes to faster development and maintenance of critical moulds and press tools. The Tools and products are designed for getting the best quality results with lean manufacturing. Latest of software tools and and highly precision machines are used for design & development of Plastic Injection Moulds and Progressive Press Tools, which include Fanuc Wire Cut machines and Spark Erosion(EDM) Machines.

Precision Milling, Surface and Profile Grinding Equipment, Digital 2D Measuring and other high-end machinery enables Elcom’s Tool Room to provide accurate, cost-effective solutions at required pace.It enables us to provide Prototypes quickly.


Plastic Injection Moulding Department

Elcom’s in-house Plastic Injection Molding facility is having the latest high performance microprocessor controlled injection moulding  machines including Fanuc All Electric, Milacron, L&T Demag, Arberg, Engel with capacities ranging from 20T to 200T. The electric injection molding machines add to high energy efficiency and sustainability; operates 24×7 with state of the art molding machinery in the capacity of 15 to 160 tons and with a robust product output around 7 million components per month using high performance injection molding plastic grades. Engineering Plastics including Glass Reinforced and Frame-Retardant Grades are processed using latest Servo-Controlled/All-Electric machines.

We have acquired expertise in injection moulding of industrial plastics like Polyamides, ABS, Polycarbonate, PBT , PPO, PPS and poly acetal resins over the years. We use SMED (Single-minute exchange of die) Lean manufacturing techniques which always helps us to manufacture variety of products in with minimum waste generation.


Metal Stamping Department

Metal Stamping of metal parts like contacts/terminals can be performed in this section. The in-house facility is equipped for 16T to 80T capacities, enabling to manufacture precision press parts of better quality in a shorter lead time and at an affordable cost. The Metal Stamping division provides Progressive Tooling Solutions with high accuracy and efficiency. Micro-components of Brass and other metals are produced here with a number of  Automatic Press Machines with varied Tonnages like 16, 25, 40, 45 and 80 Tons. Individuals working in this division receive periodic trainings on Accuracy, Efficiency, Quality Systems and Safety Procedures.

Metal Fabrication & Powder Coating Department

We have state of the art CNC Laser Cutting Machine, other fabrication infrastructure and Powder Coating Plant


Electroplating Department

The purpose of electroplating is to improve the contact resistance, life, connectivity, and to enable the product sustain the harsh atmospheric conditions. It also improves the solderability. We have in house facility for Nickel, Tin, and Silver plating. Quality of plating components is ensured with strong QA Systems.



We have a dedicated product wise assembly lines with skilled operators for our various products. We also have modern assembly processes like ultrasonic plastic welding,pad printing, hot foil stamping,wire cutting & crimping and automated setups for diverse operations . We use conveyorised assembly and continuously improving assembly processes.


Wiring Harness

Wiring Harness Division of Elcom consists of experienced engineering professionals, dedicated design resources and quality systems in effect. Automatic as well as Semi-automatic machines with high end configurations are in place for Wire Cutting and Crimping at high accuracy rate. A cross-section analysis lab is set up to analyze the crimp and decide upon the right crimp specification. Special software is provided with the equipment with which one can measure crimp width, crimp height, relief angle and also the cross-section area of copper after crimping.

The process we follow at Elcom enables us to deliver good quality products at an affordable cost within a short timeframe.

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