Terminals conduct electricity and transmits electrical signals. Elcom offers plug socket terminal post that can be panel mounted in most Audio-Video systems, generally mounted on faceplates or in floor boxes. These terminals are Ideal for customising faceplates, just by drilling a 8mm hole and mount.

Quality & Safety Approvals

The terminals are approved under following standards:

  • Electronic Components Standardisation Organisation (LCSO)
  • ROHS

Types of Products


  • 1 pair Red + Black 4mm audio Terminal banana socket for power amplifier speaker for 10mm panel mounting hole
  • RCA connector, XLR Connector, speaker terminal, Binding Post, 2mm 4mm 6mm banana plug connector gole, PCB panel mount, male female
  • Type: Single Hole Terminals
  • It can work up to 30A current rating at 250 VAC
  • The ambient temperature range is: -30° C ~ 100° C
  • The life of the product: 5000
  • Diameter: Φ2 ~ Φ5mm
  • Contact material: Gold-plated copper
  • Insulator material: PA66, of PBT
  • Connector Body Material: Metal



Flame retardant so it is safe, secure and durable


Elcom make Terminals offer reliable speakers connections


It is suitable for heavy duty application

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