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Proposed Data Protection Bill to Trigger Demand for High Efficiency Data Centers in India

Efficiency, being an integral part of new age data centers’ value proposition, specially in India where there is constraint on power availability, to drive the demand of Intelligent PDU Solutions, the last mile power management solutions at Rack-level.

We as Indian Netizen, have always wondered how secure our personal data is while stored offshore in the Data Centers of Facebook or Google or for that matter any foreign businesses who capture and process our personal and private data that we have to share across the digital supply chain of their services. This very idea has triggered an alarm among our policy makers and subsequently, RBI came up with the need of a protocol to safeguard our Data through data localization, which in turn, necessitates the need for setting up large data centers within the boundary of India.

As the Indian Government is gearing up to implement the Data Protection Bill, renamed as Data Nationalism Bill by the NDA, to protect our Data, the Indian Data Center Market is upbeat about the outlook of the Data Center Industry. In the 2020 budget, our Finance Minister, Mrs. Nirmala Sitaraman has indicated that the Government is soon going to unveil a policy for Data Center parks in India. This sends a positive signal to the industry players which is bound to translate into more and more new Data Center facilities in the years to come.

The change in Data center policy pertaining to the data hosting compliance will attract investments from both Captive and as well as Colocation data center operators from all over the globe, making India a preferred destination for data center outsourcing.

While building a world-class Data Center will not be an option, but the need of the hour, the Data center infrastructure will be at the centerstage. It is imperative to provide the necessary support system, including Optical Fiber, Power Availability, cheaper space for data center facility, skilled manpower, and IT Infrastructure in order to be able to meet the ever-changing demand of these global corporations. Smart power management would be required to be at the core of designing sophisticated data centers in India and process customer-centric data. A smart power distribution across the IT Racks should be able to enable a better management of IT capacity to meet the fluctuations & flexibility and accordingly to scale up or scale down the IT Capacity and thus optimise the operating expenditure of the Data center facility. The key focus areas will be:

  • Higher power densities, and therefore the need for better power provisioning.
  • An increased necessity for strong capacity planning to improve scalability and flexibility.
  • Greater focus on energy efficiency.

Basic PDUs will not be enough and the Data Center operators will be needing more than just power distribution to cope with the dynamic power variations. New age blade servers that can manage energy would be subject to fluctuations in power consumptions, which in turn, would make the design of power architecture an uphill task for the consultants. Though Intelligent Rack PDUs fit the bill, it calls for a deep understanding of the power distribution across the Data Center power chain, apart from the capability to customise the PDUs on the fronts of Type and number of Power Outlets, Switching of outlets, Protection options, hot swapability, dimensions of the PDUs, form factors, Communication protocols, compatibility with the BMS and DCIM softwares, etc. In short, Intelligent PDUs should be able to simplify the rack level power management in a complex environment.

In its endeavor to serve the Data Center market in all of its application segments including Basic Power Distribution, Intelligent Power Management, and Environment Management , Elcom International has been continuously investing and expanding its PDU family offering to cater to the emerging needs of new age Data centers.

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