Energy costs are one of the biggest concerns of Data Center operations and therefore, need for energy management and intelligent power distribution management solutions is on the rise. Recognizing this ever increasing demand, Elcom has indigenously developed Innovative, high quality, cost effective, and secure smart solutions for power distribution and monitoring across the servers in data centers and other IT facilities.Read more

In a very short span of time, Elcom has been able to carve out a niche in this emerging market segment, resulting in our strong track record of working with market leading companies in data center industry. With our exceptional design and manufacturing setup, we are committed to create world-class customer experience through our state-of-the-art and reliable power management products. 

Thousands of our PDUS are already in use at some very mission critical Data Centers in India and we are all set to take up customisation projects in Rack-PDU market.

Industry Standards Compliance

Elcom manufactures a complete range of Power Distribution Units conforming to various industry standards

  • CE
  • C(UL)US
  • IEC 60950

Customize Your PDU

Please choose the PDU type, socket type, electrical parameters and certifications that you need so that we can build your PDU. Please click on the icon below.


Smart Devices Elcom offers a number of Smart Devices for Data Centers, empowering the facility managers/IT managers to have flexibility to add metering and monitoring capability additionally, without disrupting the data center operations. A host of smart devices are available for both - Power Environment

  • Smart-Ready PDU
    • Elcom is the first company in the world to offer an Upgradable Rack PDU for Data Centers. We offer a Basic Rack-PDU which can be upgraded to a Smart Aggregate Metered PDU any time without a shutdown of the PDU and the connected servers. This is a feature which offers economic advantages as you have option of buying a Basic PDU from Elcom which can be later upgraded to a Smart Rack-PDU at an additional cost.
  • Power Measurement Device
    • Elcom’s Branch Monitoring Solution consists of intelligent Power Measurement Device (PMD) bundled up with high quality current transformers to do complete branch monitoring of a Rack or floor mounted PDU. Power Measurement Device is a reliable source for monitoring energy consumption of various branch circuits in Data Centre. It is an easy to use and easy to install as it is a plug-and-play device. It can be integrated with a wide range of current transformers depending on power consumption. Power Measurement Device can be installed without disturbing the continuity of operation in a Data Center, which makes it a preferred choice of the IT administrators for monitoring power consumption of various Branch Circuits. Branch Monitoring can be introduced for single phase and three phase circuits and with a range of channels starting from 1 channel to up to 36 channels.
  • Environment Monitoring Device (EMD)
    • Elcom offers Environment Monitoring Device (EMD) to cater to the environmental monitoring needs of new-age data center facilities. It ensures increased life and improved performance of IT equipment and it covers various aspects of data center environment, such as Temperature, Humidity, Smoke leakage, Water leakage, door-open alarm, etc
    • Temperature Sensor: A significant temperature change could be disastrous for a data center or server room due to the sensitivity of server equipment and thus maintaining a stable temperature is critical to IT system reliability. Elcom offers a reliable Temperature Sensor which can be connected to the iPDU for monitoring temperature round the clock. These sensors should be placed on individual racks to measure the heat generated by equipment and near the vents of the air-conditioning system to measure the overall efficiency.
    • Humidity Sensor: Monitoring humidity in a data center is as important as monitoring the temperature. High humidity can cause corrosion to the components and low humidity can cause electrostatic discharge, which can permanently damage your equipment. Elcom provides Humidity Sensors which can be connected with your iPDU and can monitor the humidity in the server rooms. This in turn helps increase the life of your equipment and improve the performance of your data centre.
    • Water Sensor: Water Sensors monitor water collected at the bottom of the racks.The water is accumulated due to the condensation.Water sensors are placed at the lowest point (wherever water would tend to collect) on the floor, and underneath any pipe junctions
    • Door Sensor: Elcom offers dry-contact sensors that detect the opening and closing of the rack doors.
    • Smoke Detector Sensor: Smoke detectors are installed in the Racks or areas to be covered by the PDU/EMD to detect any fire hazard
  • In-Line Metering Device
    • Elcom's Branch Monitoring Solution consists of intelligent Inline Meter, which is used to measure and monitor the energy consumption and power supply parameter for the basic Rack-PDU remotely. The device can be setup for Single Phase as well as Three Phase supply. The Inline Meter supplies & measures electricity to the connected device (load) via CEE plugs. The Inline Meter consists of two CEE plugs, one Input CEE plug and another is Output CEE plug.The input voltage of the connected device goes through the Output CEE plug of Inline Meter.



With Elcom IPDUs, facility managers and IT managers can monitor and manage the power in their existing infrastructures.


Our experienced design and manufacturing team provides Customized products & solutions in addition to the Standard products that we offer.


Each component and part of the our products are made and assembled in-house.


This guarantees great quality and faster resolution of issues during servicing.


Our products increase the energy efficiency of your facilities and helps you closely monitor various parameters and thus reduce expenses.


  • Creating customer value through world-class customisable smart Rack-PDU
    • Our products assure the functionality without disrupting the continuity of server operations in the data centre.
    • Overall PUE improvement of data centers through better control and management of power consumption. .
    • Improved OPEX over a period of time, leading to an attractive ROI.

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