Elcom International being the pioneer in Electrical connectors in India offers world-class DIN (Solenoid) connectors. Elcom’s DIN connectors follow industry standards and are used where rapid installation service is a must. The most common application is in conjunction with pneumatic, hydraulic or electromagnetic devices, including solenoid valves. Other applications include pressure transducers, proximity switches, level sensors, limit switches and low energy motors.
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Things You Should Know

  • Solenoid (also known as Solenoid valve) refers to a variety of transducer devices converting energy into linear motion.
  • It is an integrated device containing an electromechanical solenoid which actuates either a pneumatic or hydraulic valve, or a solenoid switch.
  • Connectors may either be purchased individually or as part of a molded cable assembly.
  • Termination options also include field wireable, pre-wired receptacles.

Quality & Safety Approvals

  • Elcom manufactures an extensive and comprehensive range of internal- and external-thread connectors conforming to various industry standards
    • ISO 4400
    • DIN 43650 from DIN (Deutsches Institut fur Normung), now known as the EN 175301-803 standards
    • UL for MEM product & VDE for ME,HD,MER approved


Connectors come in various “Forms” depending on the configuration of pins and dimensions. The Forms carried by Elcom are listed below.

  • DIN 43650 Form A (ME / HD): - Connector has an 18mm contact separation.
  • DIN Form B
  • I/S (Industrial Standard) Form B (MER): - Connector has an 11mm contact separation and is commonly referred to as Industrial Standard Mini.
  • DIN 43650 Form C (MEM): - Connector has an 8mm contact separation and is commonly known as a "sub-micro" connector.
  • Industrial Micro-Mini (ISO Form C) (MEM):- Connector has a 9.4mm contact separation and is commonly known as the Industrial Standard Sub-Micro.
  • Standard internal thread DIN valve connectors are IP65 rated and available with different thread style, gaskets and circuitry options.
  • Standard options include LED illuminated devices as well as VDR (voltage-dependent resistors), diodes or transil diodes (with or without illuminated device) to offer protection against overvoltage peaks.
  • IP-65 available for Metal Enclosure (ME), HD & MER
  • Elcom offers various options in modifying the connectors including
    • Indicator lights
    • Surge suppression
  • UL-94 V-2/V-0 flammability rating available



Our products have met various overvoltage protection requirements and are made to function within certain voltage limits.


Elcom connectors offer protection from dust and water when correctly installed with screw and gasket which are supplied together with the connector.


Suits different power supplies


Risk of fire hazards elimination


Can serve DC -AC and specific voltage requirement


Can be used for Dusty, oily or humid environment


Three packaging options to meet customer requirements, includes ‘ready-to-use’ un-mounted (disassembled) condition


Provides greater and consistent torque for more uniform seal between connector and cable
20% greater cable-retention force over internal-nut designs for increased reliability


Improved sealing of IP65


Improves handling, wire routing and speed of assembly over internal-nut version


Enables use of air tools in volume production and screwdriver can be used by the installer in a field application


  • Elcom’s DIN valve connectors provide unsurpassed sealing properties and increase performance, simplify manufacturing processes, reduce inventory and lower applied costs for hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic devices as well as sensors.
  • Unmounted packaging reduces labour time and associated costs

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