Elcom is pioneer in quality switches in India and specialises in manufacturing a wide range of switches as per the demands of the industry applications. Available in many shapes, sizes and colors, the switches come with both standard and custom symbols, on the actuator. The switches can be terminated on SMT, PCB pins, solder lugs, and quick connect tabs.

Quality & Safety Approvals

Our Switches conform with health, safety, and environmental protection standards

  • CE Marking


  • Elcom offers switches with features encompassing solid colored, translucent, two-colored products,
  • Operating within 1 to 2 pole and 4 Amp to 20 Amp range.
  • Elcom switches can operate between -30ºC and 85ºC under harsh environmental conditions.
  • Some of the switches are IP67. These switches are featuring illumination, or an anodized finish,

Below is the list of features for various types of switches:

  • Rotary
    • Rotary switches can move and stop across circular path in several positions in its range.
    • A variety of actuators for single deck rotary switches are used.
    • Our rotary switches are popularly used in fan regulators and coolers due it its high reliability and quality.
  • Rocker
    • Elcom offers a range of full-sized to miniature illuminated and non-illuminated snap-in Rocker Switches.
    • The switch moving like a rocking chair when pushed on either side opens or closes the circuit, commonly used to directly power a device and instruments.
    • Rocker switches come in variants based on the actuator types : standard rocker, and other rocker actuators
  • Key Lock switch
    • Keylock switches are activated by a key, as the key is turned in a circle and stops in several positions in its range
    • These type of switches are actually rotary switches with an added layer of security of being switched on by only the particular key of that switch. Thus it is useful in industrial equipment and products to prevent unauthorized access or for safety reasons.
    • Elcom keylock switches are widely used in Industrial panels, industrial equipments and elevator panels.
  • Push Coder - temp controller
  • Push button
    • A two-position device, actuated when a button is pressed and released.
    • We have mainly two types of push buttons, one with on and off mechanism and other with reset mechanism.
    • Nylon buttons,,metal push buttons and push coder elements are the different types of push buttons and push button elements available at Elcom
    • The actuation force ranges from light to heavy duty
  • Micro
    • These are mechanical switches, also known as Snap action switches, that can rapidly transfer the contact from one position to another.
    • Different actuator types include lever, push button, and roller.
    • A specific operator force can be achieved in our mirco switches and thus are used in applications where precise switching force is required.
  • Thumb wheel
    • Its a switch operating on rolling wheel.



Elcom’s switches are most suitable for industrial market, where reliability is the prime criterion. Read more


These switches offer the advantage of high tolerance for the rugged, harsh and high demand environments.


A number of circuits can be controlled by using a single deck rotary switch at one go.


A snap action can be performed where a fast opening or closing of a circuit is required, such as a mouse button or appliance setting.


Design capability in the contacts assures all the required switching functions.


  • Ultimate reliability and performance –– cost effectively.
  • The compact design conserves mounting space and reduces overall system cost.

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