Sockets and Adapters make an integral part of Elcom’s kitty of Electronics components offering for buildings and other sites, where low volt AC Power supply is required to power the devices and appliances. The Indian and Universal sockets offer convenience of installations in low volt application areas. Given the fact that no single global standard is available to govern the application of plugs across the countries, Elcom has come up with an offering of Sockets and Adapters to be used across the globe. Its Adapter is designed with Universal Sockets and Indian Plugs to provide convenience to travellers and consumers of imported electrical goods.

Quality & Safety Approvals


Types of Products


  • Sockets
    • Indian - 2mm / 4mm
    • Indian - 2 pin / 3 pin / 5 pin / 6 pin
    • Universal - 6 A
  • Adapters
    • Universal socket with Indian plugs
    • Snap mountable outlets
    • Adaptor and Universal socket are available Indian standard 3 pin , 5 pin.
    • A number of outlets are available with different types of socket combinations.
    • The universal adapters are designed for 110V devices
    • The Indian sockets with 5 pin & 3 pin combinations are available and can charge more than one device at a time.
    • At a range of 6A to 16A of charging, the Elcom’s sockets supports 100-240V input into any available power outlet
    • The device comes with built-in surge protection so it can safely charge iPads, cell phones, tablets and other electronics.



Compact at 3 x 1.4 x 1.9 inches in size and weighing only four ounces, the Elcom adapters can easily be placed in any corner of a suitcase or carry-on.


Elcom’s Adapter offers support for more than 160 countries, including the U.S., Europe and Australia. It has a universal design that allows a multitude of plug options.


  • Consumes very less time of installation.
  • Best suitable for robust use.

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