June 18, 2018

ISO & OHSAS Certifications
Prevailing In The Manufacturing
Supply Chain

Elcom International has taken an endeavor to implement following systems in its Kolhapur based manufacturing facility: 1) ISO – 9001:2015 – Quality Management System 2) ISO -14001:2015 – Environmental management system 3) OHSAS 18001:2007 These certifications are gaining prominence among the manufacturing companies to establish strong credentials as supplier, as the market demands for more efficient suppliers and improved customer satisfaction. It ensures following: 1. The supplier meets your needs and expectations 2. Comply with applicable regulations Elcom being one of the most respected supplier of electrical and electromechanical components in the Indian and as well as global market has shown its commitment to meet customer’s requirement and as well as provide safety to its employees as per the international standard, by implementing an integrated management system (IMS), combining all the related components of a business into one system for easier management and operations. Quality (QMS), Environmental (EMS), and Safety (OHSAS) management systems are often combined and managed as an IMS. Elcom has successfully implemented policies, processes and procedures required for planning and execution in the core business area. Also, Environmental Management System (EMS) certification ensures Elcom continuously improves its environmental position and performance.